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55mm End-Retention – Rolling Hurricane Shutter System & Security Shutter System – 55mm (End-Retention)

Rolling Hurricane Shutter System - 55mm (End-Retention)


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55mm End-Retention – Rolling Hurricane Shutter System & Security Shutter System

Our 55mm end-retention Rolling Hurricane Shutter System and security shutter offers the ultimate in protection and ease of use for your home or business. Roll shutter systems come with a smooth, manual crank or can be upgraded to the fully synchronized electric motor drive for maintenance-free operation. Roll shutters offer an elegant design solution with minimal visual impact. Rolling shutters are constructed of the finest grade of aluminum and power coated for maximum impact resistance and durability. Specially designed Roll shutters provide maximum strength and insulation from sun, storm, heat, noise, and weather extremes.

Miami-Dade Approved, FBC (HVHZ) Approved, Texas TDI Approved for category 5 hurricane protection. Our reinforced track system provides strength and maximum shutter width up to 24 ft. wide. They are specially designed and engineered to blend with and compliment your home or business. Roll Up shutters add substantial value to your home or business and pay for themselves through more efficient heating and cooling of your rooms.

  • Heavy duty locking reinforcement points of closure ultra-high velocity 185+ mph protection
  • Miami-Dade Florida highest hurricane standards, tested, & certified approved shutter system
  • Specially designed optional storm protection while providing Key West Island look
  • Double reinforced Bahama blades and frame for maximum strength
  • Extruded aluminum slats effectively to protect against storms, strong winds, direct sunlight, & rains
  • All orders for Bahama hurricane shutters are custom made to fit your window or door perfecting
  • Bahama 2″ blades articulate to adjust for any preference for privacy or complete outside view
  • Specially engineered, designed, and built to fit your windows, doors, patios, & more
  • Long-lasting investment in quality protection against sun, storms, noise, forcible entry, and security 
  • Unparalleled ease of operation, Glide smoothly and locks securely, takes minutes to secure property
  • Our Bahama hurricane shutters come standard with an industry best 10-year warranty
  • Enhances the value and longevity of any property while protecting 
  • Meets or exceeds Miami-Dade County NOA, FBC HVHZ Approved, Texas TDI Approved
  • Elegant stylish protection, engineered to maintain properties appearance
  • Available colors: White, also any color on RAL chart
  • Frame Depth 4″ Wall to Outside Shutter
  • Miami-Dade approved NOA / FBC Approvals (below)


Maximum Size 286.5″ x 192″
Maximum Design Pressure 200 -/+ PSF
Profile Material Type – T6-6063 Aluminum power coated Interlocking slats / blades Insulation – Maximum Shutters, USA Country of origin – USA Gauge – 55mm Reinforced Blades.
Benefits 100% Miami-Dade (HVHZ) FBC Hurricane Approved 85% noise reduction 12% cooler in summer 15% warmer in winter 98% light block out 35% energy efficient Eliminates condensation Reduces glare Rust prevention medium 65% components aluminium
Applications Doors, Doorways, Windows, Bars, Roof Windows, Canteens, Pergolas, Verandas, Cabanas, Bay Windows, Garden Windows, Curved Windows, Atrium’s, Patios Closets, Cupboards, Partitioning Areas.

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