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Accordion Shutters are one of the most popular storm protection systems for homeowners and businesses throughout Florida and coastal areas. Accordion Shutters provide simple but highly effective means of storm protection. The Accordion Shutter provides protection against category 5 winds, flying debris, theft and forced entry, reduces noise, and provides everyday privacy when in use. Hurricane Shutters Online is quickly becoming a leader in the state of Florida by offering affordable and competitive pricing for hurricane shutters online. 

Accordion Shutters Design

The Accordion Shutter is a durable shutter that moves horizontally between an upper and lower track, with interlocking aluminum blades making up the shutter’s protective wall. Covering large spans, these shutters can be folded away for an unobstructed view. Also for larger areas, there can be a center opening, allowing half of the shutter to move towards the left. From the inside or out, these shutters can be closed, locked, and secured, keeping your belongings safe.Your home or business are structures that are well thought out when it comes to layout, color, and more. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our accordion style shutters can match with many different types of homes so that they do not stick out too much. 

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The Hurricane Accordion Shutter Online Difference

We provide high quality, locally manufactured accordion shutters. If you are looking for a top quality product to help protect your windows during a storm, look no further. Our accordion shutters are your go to. At Hurricane Shutters Online, our quality speaks for itself. We believe in top quality products and services at affordable rates. We take immense pride in our work and look forward to assisting you in achieving the proper level of hurricane protection.

How to Install

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Our staff can walk you through any issue you may have with accordion shutter installation. If you have problems we are here for you.

How to Measure

Width Measurement for Accordion Shutters
Width Measurement for Hurricane Shutters
Height Measurement for Accordion Shutters
Height Measurement for Accordion Shutters


  • For windows, horizontally measure from one inside edge of the recess for the window to the opposite side. Our website will add the appropriate amount of overlap onto the wall. To vertically measure, begin at the top from the edge of the recess to the top of the window sill, we will also add necessary overlap. To determine the proper build out (distance shutters are mounted from the surface of the wall) this build out should be greater than the sill projection and greater than 3 inches from the glass surface, whichever is more. We have buildout from 0 to 3 inches.
  • For Doors, horizontally measure from one inside edge of the opening to the parallel inside edge, vertically measure from the inside edge of the top to the floor. Our site will add the appropriate amount of overlap for the type of installation that you select to the panels we ship. Helpful Hint: Our PDF is set up to note the width first, then the height.
  • Enter measurements into our Buy Accordion Shutters Online Page